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The only one Rental house with outdoor sauna in Tokyo.

When you want to get together with your friends,You will be not able to relax in a restaurant, there isn't enough space to invite them to your home, and it is difficult to preparations! Have you ever felt that way? In times like these, you can easily use "macco", Here is the only rental house with an outdoor sauna in Tokyo. You can enjoy meals and cooking with your friends, or use it as an event venue for cultural classes, meetings, etc. The terrace is equipped with a full-fledged barrel sauna and cold bath. There is even a karaoke room and mahjong room in the house.

How about using it like this?

Friends toasting with craft beer.jpg

Social gathering/gathering with friends








Cooking/Yoga class




birthday party




A whole day

Reserve a house!

It is reserved for only one group per day, so you can be assured of a sense of privacy. Enjoy your time relaxing with just your friends.

Low per capita rates!

For a group of 20 people using the room from 12:00 to 20:00 on weekdays, the cost is 13,200 yen per person! 

Enjoy leisurely use of the finest barrel sauna

macco's sauna area is on a completely different level.Deck and wall made of cypressSurrounded by, you will definitely be healed by the natural scent just by being there.The barrel sauna (barrel-shaped sauna) made entirely from domestic wood can be reserved completely and can be used by 1 to 8 people at the same time (swimming suits must be worn).Because it is circular, heat circulates well, and it can be rolled to efficiently fill with moisture.

Another appeal is that you can do ``Self-Lowry,'' which involves pouring water over hot sauna stones to produce steam.There are two large cold baths. Take a bath in the open air while looking up at the sky on the large terrace, and enjoy the ``Toto'' experience for both body and mind.

Recommended for special days!

macco party plan

Usually, people bring food and drinks and cook.You are free to bring your own basic items. In addition, birthday, Christmas, etc.You can also apply for a ``party plan'' for a special occasion. We listen to your requests, such as a full-fledged BBQ prepared by a chef or table decorations prepared by a professional decorator.Add a special feeling!For reservations and consultations,contact formPlease contact us.


Regarding photography usage

Still photography for magazines and advertisements, movie shooting for dramas, movies, commercials, YouTube, etc., and streaming distribution are also available. Fully equipped with costume room and makeup room.For consultationcontact formPlease contact us.

What is Club macco?

macco has a secret VIP membership system called ``CLUB macco.'' If you become a member, you will be invited to super rare events, and you will also be able to do things like this and this! I hear people asking themselves, ``What should I do to become a member?'' But the shortcut to becoming a member is to use macco a few times first.

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