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Facility introduction

You can use the indoor space on the 1st and 2nd floors, which has a wide open terrace, living room and dining room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, toilet, and 4 other rooms. Karaoke and mahjong rooms are also available! There are enough rooms for hair and makeup/fitting rooms and luggage storage, so it can be used for various business situations such as exhibitions and photo shoots.

<Parking lot>

・6 indoor parking spaces (3m x 6m x 6 spaces) Height 2.3m~2.8m

・2 outdoor parking spaces (3m x 5.5m ・3.5m x 5.5m) No height restrictions

(1 microbus can be parked)

・1 temporary parking space (3m x 9m) height 2.3m

​*Customers are requested to move by themselves. Guidance will not be accepted.



9m x 10m (100 square meters in total with extra space)



LDK: 50 square meters, height 2.6m

LD: 6.7m x 4.4m height 2.6m

Makeup room: 12 square meters



Western-style room: 12 square meters, 12 square meters, 17 square meters


Bathroom/dressing room x 2

Toilet x 3

Electricity: 20Kva = 200A



Indoor and outdoor speakers​


​Western style room 4 (bed 2)

Kitchen tools

​ (see below)

BBQ grill




​ (see below)

parasol 2

bathroom 2

hanger rack 1

​ Tarp 2




outdoor recliner


full body mirror

Projector & screen

8 parking spaces

clip on light

Bath towel face towel

tv set


mahjong room

Free WiFi

ice maker

cigar room

Karaoke LIVEDAM Ai R


water bath 2

<Kitchen tools>

Water boiler / Microwave / Toaster / Rice cooker / Refrigerator / Oven / Three-burner gas stove /pot/Frying pan / knife / chopping board / bowl / ladle / spatula / cooking chopsticks /​BBQ tongs/Major Cup/Kitchscale/Sponge/dish detergent

<cutlery(For 10-15 people)

Large plate / Salad bowl / Serving plate / Serving cup / Fork / Knife / Spoon / Disposable chopsticks /Glass/wine glass/coffee cup

<Other freeAmenities

Drip coffee/stick sugar/cream/tea & tea bags/Toothbrush/Shower cap/Makeup remover set for women/Mouthwash


AppleTV, Chromecast, Blu-ray player, Sonos home theater, latest karaoke LIVEDAM Ai R

<Sauna swimwear free rental

For men: M (5 pieces), XL (5 pieces) For women: M (3 pieces), L (3 pieces)

<Paid items> 

wine/cigar *Pay at the self-payment terminal on site

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